As the only golf club that embodies parcels of the different Southeast Asian (SEA) cultures, Triway Pitch n’ Putt wouldn’t miss organizing an annual golf tournament for SEA countries in the spirit of regional relations and sportsmanship! This coinsides with the National Fishing Championships happening just down the road from the course.

Sir Cadogan Shi, founder and current CEO of TPPGC, said in an interview that the idea of a “golf-lympics” came to him one summer exactly three months after opening his golf company. His wife Annie was just telling him how poorly-received golf was in Southeast Asia when he saw a TV documentary about how competition could be used to achieve unity. Applying this logic to his business, an annual golf tournament, with SEA countries as participants, was proposed and implemented the following year.

The first SEA Golf-lympics was successfully held last August 28-30, 2019, with individual and group participants coming in from all around Southeast Asia. The intention of the games is to promote awareness and love of golf in non-western settings, as well as unity among countries through friendly, non-violent sports.

This year’s SEA Golf-lympics will introduce unique golf systems and rules created solely for the purpose of the tournament. This coming August 29 – September 01, 2019, three golf games invented by the Felix Oaks will be debuted on regional channels; these games are: Holey Cow, Hit without Hands, and Amazing G-Race.

Interested participants are expected to register within June 30 – August 15, 2019 through this link: The first five participants to register and pass the selection process will be the official representatives of a particular country. Additional details will be released after the selection process.

Hurry and register now! Great prizes await.

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