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The TPPGC Pro-shop, like the beginning- and expert-level golf courses, is still being thoroughly improved at present. The good news, however, is that the shop will be having its soft opening on the first day of September 2019, offering the best-quality golf apparel and merchandise that are mostly environmental-friendly.

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Ideally, the Triway Pitch n’ Putt Golf Club plans to construct three courses, each designed to challenge players of varying skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, while also offering a picturesque setting that blends seamlessly with the natural landscape, encouraging golfers to not only test their precision and skill but also to take a moment to appreciate the serene beauty surrounding them.


The Triway Pitch n’ Putt Golf Club doesn’t have a “clubhouse”; instead, it boasts a cozy, welcoming gathering spot dubbed “The 19th Hole,” a place where players can unwind and share stories of their golfing exploits over locally sourced refreshments. This unique approach fosters a community atmosphere, making every visit feel like a reunion with old friends amidst the laughter and camaraderie that fill the air.


The following table shows the Malaya Golf Course prices for different individuals, detailing a range of options from single-day passes to annual memberships, ensuring that both casual visitors and dedicated golf enthusiasts can find a package that suits their needs. Special rates are available for juniors, seniors, and families, reflecting the club’s commitment to making golf accessible and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. Additionally, exclusive discounts are offered to members for events, pro-shop purchases, and dining, enhancing the value and experience of being part of the Malaya Golf Course community.


All TPPGC members start with the Classic membership, which is initially done by completing a simple registration process either online through the club’s official website or in person at the club’s welcome center. Upon registration, new members are provided with a detailed welcome kit that includes an overview of the club’s facilities, a calendar of upcoming events and tournaments, and a guide to the various benefits and privileges associated with their Classic membership status. This initial step ensures that all members are fully informed and ready to enjoy their golfing journey at TPPGC from day one.

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TPPGC Members vs Visitors End-of-Year Clash

The Triway Pitch n’ Putt Golf Club was having a hard time attracting the public until they organized a random Members vs Visitors clash last December 1, 2017. Much to Sir Cadogan Shi’s surprise, the event turned out to be a massive hit, especially with last year’s live social media broadcast! The will be prizes to be won. This year is going to be grander, as two golf superstar imports will be playing for each of the two participating teams. Aside from classic golf, improvised golf will also be played to make the games more enticing even to non-golf enthusiasts. The selection of participants will be done through the “…  

Annual SEA Golf-lympics

As the only golf club that embodies parcels of the different Southeast Asian (SEA) cultures, Triway Pitch n’ Putt wouldn’t miss organizing an annual golf tournament for SEA countries in the spirit of regional relations and sportsmanship! Sir Cadogan Shi, founder and current CEO of TPPGC, said in an interview that the idea of a “golf-lympics” came to him one summer exactly three months after opening his golf company. His wife Annie was just telling him how poorly-received golf was in Southeast Asia when he saw a TV documentary about how competition could be used to achieve unity. Applying this logic to his business, an annual…

Elevate Your Golf Experience at Golf Club TriWay: Your Ultimate Guide

Elevate Your Golf Experience at Golf Club TriWay

Welcome to the esteemed Golf Club TriWay, a sanctuary where love for golf flourishes alongside the quest for mastery. Here, both novices and seasoned players discover a wealth of opportunities to refine their skills, immerse in the sport’s nuances, and revel in unmatched golfing moments. This guide delves into essential advice, strategies, and knowledge tailored for enthusiasts at every level, ensuring a rich and rewarding golf journey.

Embarking on your golf adventure begins with embracing the sport’s core etiquette.